Wood Pulp


Capwood® Wood pulp

Matter of a medium density paste, supplied ready for use, made with powdered wood, glues, vegetable oil and solvents.

Capwood® is self-drying, it does not need heating sources, and after can be ennobled with paints, colours and gold leaf exactly as the real natural wood. The product (also called “compo”) is normally applied without any preparation of rollers and moulds.

The finished piece has no more to be sanded before or after pressing,and will maintain for ever the shape of the tools. Exceptionally, in case of glossy or stained surfaces, to grant a better adhesion, is useful to give some traitments, before pressing, the part involved. Rollers and moulds do not need any maintenance operation and, if correctly used, will last for years with no problems.

Machinery for wood pulp         

Equipments for Wood pulp