Loewer was founded back in 1861 and has remained a family business up to the present day. Starting out as a forge, it then moved on to the manufacture of farm machinery and also set up its own iron foundry. In the 1930´s, the company progressed into the woodworking machinery sector. The first sanding machine left the plant backin 1960 and to date over 18,000 Loewer machines have been delivered worldwide.



Gottschild product portfolio including sanding and polishing machines, brushing machines, trimming gantry robots and foil storage paternoster. Gottschild systems are installed around the world, and our customers are leading furniture manufacturers in throughout the world.


Since 1961 RENZO BORGONOVO has been designing and manufacturing special machines for frames, linear wood and PVC profiles finishing.Thanks to the experience achieved and constant machine range updating nowadays the company is in the forefront in its specific sector.The company now offers over 40 models so as to satisfy the most demanding frame manufacturers all over the world. Machine quality, utmost customer care and company’s reliability are the key elements of the company’s success. Our customers can always count on such values in the future.

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